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Novus is a retail chain in Ukraine, founded in 2007. Since then, NOVUS strives to exceed customer's expectations in service quality, a wide range of goods and a comfortable shopping environment.

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Stolitsa Group

Stolitsa Group is engaged in real estate development in Kiev and Kiev region. Special attention is given to the quality of housing and energy efficiency.

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Retroville is a new shopping and entertainment center, being developed in Kiev. This building is full of shops, restaurants, banks, recreation areas, a fitness club with a 25m-long swimming pool. The centre can satisfy all the needs - from everyday shopping needs and services to positive emotions.

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Merchants Club

BT Invest acquired and renovated the building in the heart of Vilnius - Gedimino Ave. 35, 100 years ago, called the Merchants Club. The unique business center is home to foreign embassies, banks and businesses. The old part of the building has an authentic and modern Mercury Hall, which attracts top-level events and guests, such as Lithuanian president D. Grybauskaite and President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko.

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